Discussion on 3D Flag V2

Discussion on 3D Flag V2

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Hello @3ddanp, could you please tell me how to render without background, here is my email :

I have sent you an email.

hello, it is possible to edit this template to sth like this? i need to attach the flag to paraglider. So i would like to delete the stick and track only the flag. thank you

You can hide or delete flag pole. Try to track flag.

Could you also send me info on rendering an alpha w/o background?

I have sent you an email.

Could you resend? We never received anything. Thx

Hi, I bought the template, but when I open it I don’t see the flag, can you help me?

Watch tutorial how to relink models and textures.

hello. there are not included background file. Basic_2k_11.jpg how i can get it? please send to e-mail: info [at]

Basic_2k_11.jpg is a map that comes with element3d.

i have problem “Missing Effect “Element”” Please Help me, Thanks

This template is for element3d so you need that plugin. Sorry.

ok. i got pluggin. can i change background?

I have sent you an email.


VinceDN Purchased

Hey 3danp – I am having troubles getting the flag to show up in my After Effects. I have Elements 3D, but only the background is showing up – the layer [E3d flag] is empty

Please email me so we can work out the issue – thanks!

Watch tutorial how to relink models and textures.

Hello, if I buy an extended license, can I render a flag of our country and use it in the newly created video. For example, I want to make a background video of the stage and sell it on the website. In this video, I want to use the national flag of our country.Is this OK, please?


ummm now that i bought it how do I install & use it?

better how do I use it without adobe?

This is After effects template and you need Element3d plugin.

ummm which version I have to use for the flag waver? is not working if possible send me an e-mail with the file (mail & can i put in images & flags already made?

If you have the required version of element3d watch tutorial how to relink models and textures.

sorry if i make such stupid questions but i don’t really undertsand it….. After that i figured out it needs the video copilot…. does it accept even th version 2.2.2 ?


Can you give the flag less ripple so it’s clearer, we can never see the logo because the flag moves so much? thank you, my email


3ddanp Author

I’m sorry but the flag was simulated in a 3D program and now I don’t have time to make a new one. Maybe you can move the camera.