Discussion on 3D Charts v.2

Discussion on 3D Charts v.2

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Hi, I have the same problem as yadro, is there a way to correct it?

I already sent you an email with a picture of the problem.

Hi. Check your mail. Sorry for my answer delay. Thanks.

Hi Author, i have problem with the rendering. below is what i got when rendered:

any idea?

i also sent to you an email for the same.

Thanks, that workaround helps for the time being. Another challenge I want to add name on each pie segments. the description layer doesn’t help. Any idea?

Hi. Try to do something like this –

thanks that’s great :-) i will try and come back to you for feedback.

Great attitude my friend! I wish you great success and progress and real happiness! :)

The pie dosen’t show.

Hi. You need to relink 3D models (see Help.pdf) – the 3D Elements plugin doesn’t know about relative paths. If you have questions – send it via mail (see Help.pdf). Thanks.

In sequence “Bar chart”, more than 20 boxes are not built. How to solve the problem? Thank You.

Hi. You can input data rows for up to 30 bars into “Bar chart DATA” composition (see Help.pdf). After it – you will need to adjust the bar width to see all bars. By default you see 12 bars. If you increase to 30 bars – some bars will overlapeach others and, by default, these 12 bars are grouped by 3 bars – to set the equal step between bars – change the paremeter “Bars in Group” onto 1. Good luck.

I know that. I need 8 groups of 3 bars. I enter all the data in the table. There are 7 groups of 3 bars. The seventh group does not have a third bar. The eighth group with no bars at all, is seen only zeros without bars. Thank You.

Ok. You are right. Send me any mail via my address (see Help.pdf) – I’ll help you.

Hi, your product is a little difficult to work with. I just want three bars. How can I get rid of every bar except three? How do I turn off the other bars?

Hi. You need to input only two dats rows into “Bar chart DATA” composition (see Help.pdf). If you input three rows – three bars will appear. If four rows – four bars, and so on up to 30 bars. Best regards.

Hi UNVI, thanks for your wonderfull work, Please can you show me how I can add up more “segments” to the existing 5 . and how I can label them as well. thanks.

Hi. See the short video – Thanks.

a video tutorial would have been great for this project.

Hi. This video (link included in Help.pdf) helps to relink 3D-models – . Thanks.

This template is such a mess. I have to spend hours to fix all the expressions errors, and there is hundreds… Do you know how to make a project usefull for international buyers or you don’t give a sh*t ?? For heaven sake please learn how to write expressions : instead of writing “Slider” you should write (1) when there’s only one effect parameter. I don’t recommend this project as it is not optimized at all. However, i’m glad that you can eat your lunch today thanks to my purchase.

Thanx for your kindness…

I have tried to get this to work but once I have successfully re-linked the 3d objects in Element 3D, the pie chart simply renders as black objects (in silhohette) and don’t seem to receive light or cast shadows and have no texture. I can get it to kind of work if use textures in Element3D that emit light, but that isn’t the effect I am looking for. It’s a shame as I really need this to work today with a tight deadline. AfterEffects CC2015/ Element3D 2.2/MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) 3.1Gzhz i7, 16gbRam

Hi.Element 3D does not work correctly with Multiprocessor Rendering – turn OFF Multiprocessor Rendering inside of After Effect: Edit-Preferences-Memory & Multiprocessing—Uncheck “Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously”. For more info –


Yes, I read this advice. However, when i go to After Effects and select Preferences there is no option for ‘Memory & Multiprocessing’ instead there is only ‘Memory’ and although the top half of this page looks exactly like your screenshot, with options for setting the memory, there is nothing on the bottom half of the page for Multiprocessor Rendering – so I can’t turn this off or on. Send me an email address and I will show you screenshots of this, and screen shots for how my mac renders the pie charts. AfterEffects CC2015/ Element3D 2.2/MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) 3.1Gzhz i7, 16gbRam

Hi. See Help.pdf – my email is there. Thanks.

Do you need the Element 3D plug-In for this?

I cannot use this. I cannot afford the Element 3D V2 Plug-In. How can I get my money back?

I bought Element 3d v2, now the pie chart is not working!

Hi.You need to read Help.pdf (just beginning) – and see a short video – Thanks.

Very nice idea! Looks really cool!

Interesting! Congratulations my friend! ;)

Such a cool video! :)

Very useful work.

Excellent !!!


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