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Great idea, nice animation!

Pretty cool 3D there and sweet camera moves as well! Superbly done Ilija :-)

Solid work man. Great 3D, nice to see more of your skills.


Excellent project dude :)

Yeah!!! great stuff as always. Great audio too.

Guys thank you so much, really appreciate your support and kind words :) Thank you once again.

Wish you all the best.

The top quality idea, design and realization! sublime!

Thank you all once more :)

All the best.

Oh wow, very nice!

Amazing work!!!

Hello, I’d like to know what type of license I need for this. Want to use it for my weekly news show on YouTube, that’s the only place it’ll appear :)

Hi, sorry for a slow response, I just answered your mail :)

All the best.

says im missing flares, can anyone help

Hi there,

just make sure to open the prerendered version. By doing so you won’t have problems with flares anymore.

All the best, Ilija