360° Rotating Business Silhouettes (Stock Footage)

360° Rotating Business Silhouettes (Stock Footage)

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Here is 14 Business 360 Rotating Silhouettes Collection N1 Business Footage for Your Info graphic, promo Business Presentation, Contractor Promo video etc. Best for motion graphics, animation projects, suitable for use in presentations. Works on All video editing software.

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Footage specific information:

  • Business Lady 360 01.mov Duration 0:54sec
  • Business Lady 360 02.mov Duration 0:35s
  • Business Lady 360 03.mov Duration 2:32s
  • Business Lady 360 04.mov Duration 0:44s
  • Business Lady 360 05 Duration 0:44s
  • Business Man 360 01.mov Duration 1:12s
  • Business Man 360 02.mov Duration 0:40s
  • Business Man With Laptop.mov Duration 0:22s
  • Business Man With Phone.mov Duration 0:52s
  • Business Woman With Laptop.mov Duration 01:13s
  • Constructor 01.mov Duration 0:42s
  • Constructor 02.mov 12 Duration 3:04s
  • Lady Constructor 01.mov Duration 01:00s
  • Lady Constructor 02.mov Duration 2:26s
File Size:702 Mb Resolution FULL HD 1080p 25fps Quicktime with Alpha Channel (PNG+Alpha) Custom-Silhouettes.jpg Music Is created by one of the greatest Audiojungle Author – “Nickscreativeworkshop”. If you like this music you can get it here: Success Business

Brand New Templates:

Favorite Future Touch Favorite Real Estate Favorite Company Timeline Magic Promo Opener Through the Looking Glass Logo Favorite Cooking Show

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