360º Panoramic Animations Vol 2 - "Light Effects"

360º Panoramic Animations Vol 2 - "Light Effects"

VR 360 Panoramic Animations Vol 2 – “Light Effects” ,The ultimate resource to give a energy boost in your own projects!!

This is a package of animated environments to use for reflection and refraction maps on shaders with those capabilities.

The main purpose of this innovative resource is to have dynamic reflections on your surfaces, and save time with unnecessary geometry to generate this information in movement that in many cases are blurred out. In this package you will find:

15 different 360º Panoramic Animations:

  1. Cylindrical Led Spheres 01
  2. Cylindrical Led Spheres 02
  3. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker 01
  4. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker 02
  5. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker Spin 01
  6. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker Spin 02
  7. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker Spin 03
  8. Cylindrical Tubes Flicker Spin 04
  9. Cylindrical Tubes Run 01
  10. Cylindrical Tubes Run 02
  11. Cylindrical Tubes Run 03
  12. Cylindrical Tubes Spin 01
  13. Cylindrical Tubes Spin 02
  14. Cylindrical Tubes Travelling 01
  15. Cylindrical Tubes Travelling 02


  1. 6000 X 3000 resolution
  2. seamless looped clips
  3. Quicktime PhotoJPG 70% Compression
  4. 8 bits depth
  5. no sound

This clips are compatible with any 3d software, V.C. Element 3D , Trapcode Horizon, FreeForm Pro, Shapeshifter and even SkyBox Studio plugins!!!

Note: This animations don’t work as HDRI, because are 8 bits depth to be manageable as animated clips.

How to use it: Use the clip as a texture, mapped into a sphere or set as your environment. use also in the reflection / refraction slot in a any 3d Software.

As the clips are looped and seamless you can rotate the environment or change de speed duration to accelerate as you prefer orient each clip.

Hope you like this package and rate this project!