360 Degree Rotating Skullz with Bonus Project File

360 Degree Rotating Skullz with Bonus Project File

Information and Instructions

Congratulations, you are in possession of a very powerful package that brings near 3D functionality and flexibility to After Affects unlike ever before!

What makes this Skull Kit so powerful and flexible is that each of the 5 clips rotates a 3D-rendered skull a full 360 degrees, progressively, 1 degree at a time WITH alpha! With the INCLUDED Bonus Project File: • Animate at any frame rate • Rotation CW, CCW and Free directions • Easy to set the precise angle you want • Slider allows keyframes of degrees, either direction, not just full rotation • Smooth 360 frames per rotation • Easy to customize via color correction, combining styles and backgrounds • Ray-Traced Shadows • FULL HD 1080p

This Kit consists of: • 5 “Base” Skullz, each consisting Quicktime PNG with Alpha, 1 frame per degree of rotation o Simple – a basic light grey smooth texture. A basic skull to start customizing with o Natural – a natural bone color and texture o Fresh – a texture that has the look and texture of a freshly skinned skull o Chromed – Highly reflective look and smooth shiny texture o Cartoon – Posterized and made to be more Art looking

• 7 “Hybrid” Skullz, combination two or more “Base” styles by overlapping and blending modes
    o Bloody – similar to Fresh, but darker and more “Wet”
    o Dirty – Brown, dry and dirty look
    o Muddy – similar to Dirty, but darker and more “Wet”
    o Stamp – Two-Color clean look, like a rubber stamp would make
    o Glass – A transparent skull with refraction of the background
    o Sunglasses – Natural skull wearing Aviator sunglasses
    o RayBan Aviator Sunglasses – can be added to ANY Skull style
    o Backgrounds – Still and Animated backgrounds to get you started
    o 6 Pre-made Sample Scenes – to demonstrate the flexibility and to inspire new creations
        ? Hostel – Dark Torture room with blood-spattered walls, floor and camera lens
        ? Hostel II – Darker room with two Skulls rotating in opposite directions
        ? Day at the Beach – Natural Skull with Sunglasses on, hovering over a beach while casting shadow on the sand
        ? Hot Stuff – Firey furnace with red skull
        ? Aviators – Sunglasses by themselves
        ? No, No, No – Sample scene to show how you can keyframe by degrees and in any direction.  In this case, the Skull shakes it’s head in a NO fashion

HOW TO USE THIS KIT Scenes are located in folders labeled accordingly. Each Scene consists of a Composition of the corresponding clip.

To use a Skull, simply load the Composition of the Skull into your own scenes. To customize a skull, simply apply a filter, preset or affect to the skull composition of choice. Animating is easy, each Skull composition rotates a full 360 degrees, clockwise (CW). To rotate Counter Clockwise (CCW) or opposite direction, select the composition and enable time-reverse. (See the Hostel 2 for an example). If you do not want the skull to rotate the full 360 degrees, use the No, No, No scene to keyframe by degrees. This scene uses a slider to control rotation angle. Most scenes consist of 3D lights that correspond to the lights that illuminate the rendered skull. This allows you to give the same lighting setup to other items in your scene.