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Great attitude my friend! I wish you great success and progress and real happiness! :)

Hi, I’m interested in this, can I just check that ALL the titles will be available to use inside Adobe Premiere? Or are some AE only? If so, will all the titles appear in the “My Templates” section of the Essential Graphics panel? To confirm I have all the Adobe 2018 CC suite, including After Effects. Thank you.

Hello! Yes, it will work in Premiere Pro and in After Effects. Here is a video lesson of a similar template:

Good job ! Well done !

Hello, I just made a purchase but I’m have an issue can you give me your contact email? Thank you

first i think good job, but it doesnt really work with premiere pro. I ask also the autor but he dont contact me again.

its pity waste of money

Hello! Please write to me on email ( ) and explain the problem. We will help you :)

Hi! I just purchased it, but I thought editing was more flexible: for most of the titles if the length of the text is longer than the template, the lines and masks don’t fit the text.

You got no option to adjust the length of a line for example, to fit the text, as I’ve seen in other collections.

Can you please let me know how to easily have proper alignment of graphic elements and masks, with the text you choose to have?

Hello Is it possible to change the colors of each words separately ?

Hello! Yes it is!