700 Text Presets for Premiere Pro & After effects

700 Text Presets for Premiere Pro & After effects


Do Your Job Faster, Better, Clean With Unlimited Text Preset For Premiere Pro!
Just Drag and Drop presets!
Setting for make animations slow or fast, bounce or easing and rotate,position,scale,colors, Edit your timing and more settings for customize !

We are Different Than Others

Let’s see why we are different than others.
Our Product is Super Easy to Use!
Our Product items have live preview of animations.
Our Product items supports all languages with all fonts.
Our Product has Animation In and Out with checkbox controller.
Our Product is Unlimited Animation Maker with Clean and Advanced Settings.
Our Product supports Drag and Drop, just Drop and Use!.
Our Product supports 3D Animate.
Our Product is Huge Package With 16 Different Categories.
Our Product supports Right to Left Animations too.
Our Product has a Gladiator Supporter team. ;)

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Here Are Some Examples:

Here Are Some Examples:

MOGRT Font Changer

You Know The MOGRT files never support Fonts before. But these MOGRT files are so beautiful and have much dynamic animate. But Here we have new version of work that have a character settings for changing the fonts easier.
Lets see Font Changer!

Version History

version 6.0 – 05 Novemer, 2018
Added Premiere pro 2019 Version to changing fonts easier
version 5.0 – 22 October, 2018
Added 50 Text Presets for premiere
version 4.0 – 8 October, 2018
Added 200 Text Presets for Aftereffects
version 3.0 – 27 September, 2018
Added Colorfull category
Added Font Changer plugin to change fonts in Premier Pro
Support Right to Left languages(rtl)
version 2.0 – 12 September, 2018
Added 100 new Text Presets
Supports any Language
Support live preview in essential graphics panel
version 1.0 – 28 August, 2018
Initial release

Also Here you can see the After effects version

After effects Version Music