Discussion on 60 Minimal Titles | 4K

Discussion on 60 Minimal Titles | 4K

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Hi, could you let me know if it is possible to add my own fonts to the project? Thanks!

Glad my instructions helped you!
And for your question there is a video tutorial made especially for that, if you watch it you’ll be able to export your titles with a transparent background.

I figured this one out on my own as well, thank you. I don’t see the video tutorials you are referring to, could you let me know where they are located? The tutorial you provide when the template is purchased doesn’t explain this. I would also like to know how I can change the length of sequence. Thank you!

Hi, There is a folder named “Tutorial” that contains 3 video tutorials. I’m gonna send you 2 additional tutorials on how to customize titles duration and exporting settings.

hello, is it possible to change all the colors? thank you

Hi, Yes you can change all the colors as you wish, every text can be displayed in a different color.

Hi support,

Please how can I get those fonts you use in the template?

I just bought the template and I need those fonts like:

ArvilSans BebasNeueBold BebasNeueBook

And the rest, show me where to get them, thanks.

Hi, There is a text file named “info.txt” where you can find links to all the fonts used in the project. Let me know if you have any other questions i can help you with. And thank you for buying our Minimal Titles!

I got it, thanks!

1. I see how to go about those Titles if I want to use some of them in a different order, but how about how to edit the Titles once I have added some few ones to the new Comp?

2. According to the Video 2 tutorial, is it necessary to duplicate a Title, why would I wanted to duplicate a Title? Please explain.

3. What would I be using the PreComps for?

4. Why would I want to use the 1080p version instead of the 2k version?

1- Changing titles order has nothing to do with editing them, once you change their order you can still access them from the project panel by numbers, so you can edit them.
2- Due to the way After Effects works, in order to get more independently editable composition, you need to duplicate it. However the normal “duplicate” built-in option does not duplicate all the elements inside a composition. This is where “True comp Duplicator” comes to do the tricky part. it makes it easy to duplicate composition in one click. So yes, it is necessary to use “True comp Duplicator” to get different copies of your titles.
3- I’m sorry but i didn’t get your question.
4- Using 1080p or 2K does not matter, it’s just a resolution. you can use any resolution you want. the only difference is that 2K is a little bit bigger than 1080p which makes the output video bigger in terms of size as well.
Best regards.

Hey could I get an email attachment of the franchise font? The page and download server is down at losttype. Thanks!

Hi, I’m so sorry for the delay, please i need your email adress where i can send you the missing font. Best regards.

how can I private message you? I don’t want to post my address publically

Contact me through my profile page here

Great job. Very professional.

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Hi, sure i’d be happy to work with your music in the future!

cool flat design

hello, I have just bought this template and when I try to use it I dont know how to open it and work. I did download it but nothing happens. Could you help me please?

Hi, thank you for choosing Minimal Titles. Can you please tell me which After Effects version do you have? Did you unzip the zip file?

I don’t understand why all mix, when open on my after effects all mixing , and I can’t find make move button on composition , could you help me pls

Sure, i’d love to help you. Please send me an email through my profile page with the problem you’re having, it’d would help a lot if you coul attach some screenshots so i can help you fix the problem.


Glad To help you figure out the problem! I’m aways here to help! Zarouati.

When I load the project file, AE freezes and all I can do is press the spacebar to play and then hard reset/force quit out of AE. Running Mac Pro 16G Ram

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. I’m Zarouati from Motionpictors and i’d love to help you. Please send me an email through our profile page with the problem you’re having, it’d would help a lot if you coul attach some screenshots so i can help you fix the problem.

Hi, just wondering how to change the size of the fill `Text Background` to adjust it to fit the text it contains?

Hi, in this template the text should match the container, but this is going to be changed in an upcoming update. In the meantime, you can contact me through our profile page and i’ll help you achieve that result.

Does this package work with Davinci Resolve, I am new to video editing and bought this and just realised it may not work?? thanks in advance.

Which after effects programme? Do I need to download another to use this programme? I have been using shotcut previously, a free app prior to DaVinci Resolve. thanks in advance

Adobe After Effects, Thanks, I get it. Can’t afford that per month. I’ll make my own in DaVinvi Recolve Fusion tab.

Hi, You can still download a trial version of After effects and use with this template. If you still can’t do that and need help, we have a customization service that can help you. please let me know what you think via email. best regards.

Hi, Can u let me know if this going to work if I place this on youtube video on my site.

I am using embeded youtube video and place AP DIVS on top of it it where the title.png file sits. Have alook here

I want to replace the main title (by 2025….) image with your title.

Do u think this going to work?

Let me know.

Thank U

Hi, I was looking at tutorial video 4 which really interest me. Unfortunatelly I can not hear no sound at all on that video – can not hear ur explaination. Do u think u can send me that video 4 with your voice pls so I can hear the explaination? Thanks

Hi, Thank you for your patience. That 4th tutorial doesn’t have audio in it, but if you can’t understand what’s going on, You can send me an email through my profile, and i’ll see what i can do to help you. thank you again! Best regards.

Thanks – thats fine

Hi, Can u help me with this. Have a look at this a quick test.

I make the background transparent but when exported it become black. Can u tell me what did i do wrong? Can u also tell me how to make this keep on rotating?


Thank U – I have send u email

Did u get my email?

Hi, yes I got your email and i’ll try to help you!