3 Looped Background.

3 Looped Background.

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Here is a pack of 3 looped abstract video, of 3second(low weight when in flv), optimized for flash website background.
- Included in the pack, the 3 loops effects, in the 3 colors, so 9 video. - Included the CS4 setup for the 3 loops effects. - 1280×720 resolution.
- You don’t need any further plugin to make it works.
- This file will open in CS4 only.
- Easy customization on a single layer :

FOR the Particle style (16bits per chanel) :

- bokeh_BACKGROUND : color of the radial gradient.
- bokeh_BIG_color : color of the big particles.
- bokeh_SMALL_color : color of the small particles.
- bokeh_BIG_number : number of big particles u want.
- bokeh_SMALL_number : number of the small particles u want.
- OUTER_glow_alpha : alpha of the dark glow around the particle.

FOR the Light style (16bits per chanel) :

- light_speed : speed of the light movement.
- light_brightness : brightness of the light.
- light_size : size of the light.
- light_blurr : amount of the Zoom blurr on the light.
- BG_water_brightness : brightness of the water style effect, in back of the light.
- BG_water_speed : speed of the water style effect.
- BG_color : color of the radial gradient.

FOR the water wave style (8bits per chanel) :

- Reflection_Speed : speed of the light reflection moving on the water wave.
- Reflection_Brightness : speed of this reflection.
- Wave_width : width of the water wave.
- Wave_speed : speed of the water wave.
- Smoothiness : If u want a really smooth/blurry effect, or if u wanna something really sharp, and detailled.
- Twirliness : U can add Twirl on the water wave effect. U set it here.
- Radial_color : color of the radial gradient.


You can use this as : - a background for an intro on a website / commercial video. - a background for a website, or in the header of a template.

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