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Smooth one Brian :) Love it!

Great work Brian, very clean and elegant.
Love the colors and the camera movement.
Wish you all the best :)

Looks great.


thanks for the comments guys.

Nice reflections!

Looks great!

Looks Nice !

Before buy… How to place text on left and right boxes?

Its all covered in the video tutorial. the same pre comp that makes the logo in the center cube also creates the tiled logos on the left and right. It can easily be changed with text.

Nice and glossy! :)

Clean work. Congrats

i need some help

I replied to your email with a file that you requested. I will also update the file with an Ae file for BLACK CUBES .

There’s 3 boxes. What if I want 4 boxes?

It’s a very good combination of heart-piercing music and so graceful video! Excellent work!Complimenti,this is really a Beautiful work!You are so excellent, salute you!MY english is not so good,please forgive me~~ :-D

Great. Thanks.

Excellent work. I wish you even more sales ;)