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The license wont work any more. why? I have 1 license bought here when loging into my mr horse account I cant do nothing.

Through AE:

“This license key no longer works because it has been transfered to a minster horse accont. Login with your mister horse account to activate the product”

When logging into Mr Horse:

“We could not add your license(s):

This license key no longer works because it has been transfered to a Mister Horse account. Login with your Mister Horse account to activate the product.”

I also have Titels and lower thirds bought throug mr horse but not working at all.

Hello Migalius, I’m very sorry for your inconvenience. Please try to login in Animation Composer like this https://support.misterhorse.tv/044951-How-can-I-download--activate-my-products with your Mister Horse account. If your problemm persist please contact our support here: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

I’m trying to find a plugin that will switch a letter or two. Or scramble then scramble the letters of a word. I can’t tell if one of your presets does that. Thanks!

Hello, you can try free version of Animation Composer which comes with some presets in each category https://misterhorse.tv/animation-composer I’8m sure it will help you decide

hi, i just purchased the pack. although i dont get what to do afterwords.please guide ?


MisterZebra Author Team

Hello, Thank you very much for purchasing our product. All of our presets are extensions of oour free plugin Animation Composer https://misterhorse.tv/animation-composer. You need to install it first and afterwards the preset you’ve purchased.


tztz Purchased

Hi I am trying to install on 2 of my computers On a computer I succeed On the 2nd computer he writes me the installation failed Why?

Hi there,

I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please send me as much informations + some screenshots to support@misterhorse.tv? We will try to help as fast as we can.