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The colors and the shapes are very beautiful! Cool project ! :)

Thank you CRV :) !

Amazing dude! once again job well done :)

Thank you so much :):):)

Great work, very sad that no matter how many hours you put on creating such an excellent motion graphic you will get 4$ as a default price :(

Thank you :) I couldn’t agree more…it’s a sad story. I appreciate this a lot !! http://videohive.net/forums/thread/increase-videohive-prices/95581

anyway I wish you alot of sales!

All the best Dimitris to you as well :) thanks!

Thank you Nature_Spirit!

I would like to ask you about this motion graphic : there is a bug at the beginning of this video ?? there is black trace on these Triangles

Hi There are defects on triangles at the beginning!!! I want to send the capture but i can’t send the image on this e-mail

Time 0 to 0,21 second

Hi I am looking at the preview file and can’t find any defects… there are black stripes, and in the middle a black triangle… you can send me a screenshot to ghosteam.official@gmail.com