Cartoon FX

Cartoon FX

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    Bundle Description
Cartoon FX Pack is flat style set of animated Electricity, Fire, Smoke, Shoot, Swoosh elements. You can also create as many Styles as you like by mixing and Matching different.
    Technical Specifications
  • 77 motion elements
  • Requires Final Cut X
  • Compatible with FCP 10.3.2 and later and Motion 5.3.1 and later
  • Change colors, extend or shorten the time.
  • No plugins required
  • Include Adobe Illustrator files
  • Include pre rendered Proxy files for work
  • 4K Resolution: 3840×2160, 30 FPS
  • Combine Together for Different Variations
  • 5 Different Categories

    Bundle Contains
  • “Electricity” 20 Different Clips
  • “Fire” 10 Different Clips
  • “Smoke” 19 Different Clips
  • “Shoot” 13 Different Clips
  • “Swoosh” 15 Different Clips

    Bundle Does Not Contain
Music is available here: Mainstream Drum & Bass by HIT-ME