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Bought it but item does not work in premiere pro cc

Hi! Template for on last version of Premiere Pro. For Premiere Pro CC19. About it written in description, just update your version Premiere Pro via Creative Cloud.

Ive installed all fonts, but why arent the fonts loading in Premier Pro?

Hi! Send screenshots with a problem via profile form.

Hi there. I installed and like it so far! However, is it possible to remove the background, but keep the colour in the text? Which is better for overlaying over video. It seems the only options are 1) Color background, or 2) Transparent boxes

Hi! Sorry for long waiting.

In some scenes background is the color for text (because box with text is transparent) – it’s can’t change.

For overlaying better will method 2 – transparent boxes.

How can I view a preview of the animation? I want to see the movement of all the titles quickly. It is too slow to add it to sequence and play it in premiere. Is there a gallery of all the titles to watch quickly?

Hi Aniom!

I have a question. I have a small group of editor friends. So me and another 2 friends edit various videos for Youtube together, for fun.

I was searching for a good text pack that would assist us with the edits we do. However, I don’t know how your pack works.

If I buy it, will the three of us be able to use it? Or is there a limit for 1 computer/person?

I really like you pack, and would love to buy it!

Hi there, these look great. Can you tell me please. To edit them do I need to use After Effects? Thanks

Hi! If you have Premiere Pro CC19 and above, not need have After Effects. Only Premiere Pro.

Please show me the background layer remover. I put the file in After effect removing background but can’t export morgt file?