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Hi can i chanage the letters?

Hi dwilson22, Yes everything is customizable. This kind of customization however requires a bit of skills with pen tool. Every signature is made from paths, so it behaves differently than for example fonts where you can simply retype a letter.

I’m using Premiere Elements 2020 and After Effects will this work???

Hello ChristophersAuctions, Source files of this template wil work only with After Effects. With source files you can adjust colors, timing, shapes etc.

However if you only want to use the pre-made signatures as they are, then you can use the pre-rendered clips for each signature that are included (High resolution with transparent backgrounds). These pre-rendered clips can be opened in any software including Premiere.

hi how can i put my name as a signature if u can please send a video too

Hi Game 23, you can adjust the path of the brush to match your idea. Press “u” to reveal keyframes and adjust path, or make an own new path. You can find detailed tutorial on how to adjust the template in the project file folder you’ve downloaded. Also please note that it is not possible in AE to achieve this kind of precise signature animation just by typing your name so you have to do it manually. Let me know if there is something else i can help you with. Thank you, Frederik.

can i get a refund because i already did apply for it or if u can send me a video in how to do it in manually so if manually can i add my own if not i will did request a refund

Sure no problem, the refund should be handled quickly by videohive staff because we authors dont have direct control over this.

How do I change the text? It will not allow me to enter in my name. If I cannot customize the text, I need a refund.

Imulligan1991, it is not possible to change animations in After Effects in such way you imagine. You can however adjust paths or create a new custom path to achieve any look you like. In case you want a refund please send your refund request here:

Trying to figure out a way to scale the signatures to make some super macro cuts of different paths… any ideas? Continuous rendering doesn’t work, it returns the scale of the comp to 100% when switched on.

Hi ivancho, Sorry for later reply, yeah there is a way how to scale up everything for super macro cuts.

1. Open any signature composition, turn on continuous rasterizing on both layers, go to file > scripts > scale composition.jsx and scale it by factor 4 (or any). 2. Select bottom layer (brush/nll) press “u” to reveal all keframes, ALT + click on stopwatch on brush size property to add expression, add x4 in the end of the line so it looks something like: effect(“Write-on”)(3)x4 (instead of x make the asterix sign which is star, this sign however cant show on this comment section for whatever reason) This will make the brush size thicker again and now your signature is in much higher resolution.

Thank you anyway Taerar!

I didn’t know that trick and works great :-)

Hi Taerar, can u clarify this template please? can i edit the name and use the same font you use on the currenct signature ?

Hi Shproductions, This template is not a font so signature can’t be just edited as a text but you have full access to shape paths so you can edit them manually as you usually do while using “pen tool”.

Hi Taerar…as others have asked, I’m curious about these. I have a client I need to animate her signature for her website…so how is it possible to do this with your templates? Can I scan in her signature, then use the pen tool to move the lines of my chosen animation to follow the signatures flow/style?

Hi houseofbd, Yes it is possible to adjust the shapes with pen tool to follow the signature of your client (or better create the path from scratch) however this requires to have advanced skills with pen tool. You will also have to adjust thickness and timing of the pen line so it might take some time to get it right manually

Good job! I wish you more sales! :)

It’s a great job !!! you are worthy of doing everything !! good luck in sales !!!

I want to use this item but signatures are famous peoples signatures. I need unreadable signatures.

more signature please!

Hi hemfikir. 13 of the 20 signatures are just random names not related to any famous person.

Very successful. Very creative. But if we can not make changes to the text, why buy it? For what purpose will the signatures in the project be used?

Well, it happened to me several times that I just needed some nice animated signature for my videos and there was no such template. So now there is one ;)

OK. This project is a personal project, not general. We recommend you to update as a general project. I wish you success.

Thank you Tommy!

Can i simply edit the name as text in AfterEffects or fir that i have to modify the animated giff or to have specific fonts?

Hi webpr, This is not an animated font, the signatures are made of shapes so it is not possible to just retype the names as normal text. However you can adjust the shapes with pen tool to alter the looks or even create your own signature from scratch using our effects.

Very Nice Work!

Thanks mate!

Thanks Artem! :)

nice stuf! Well done.. ;)

Thank you grach!

Thanks John! :)

Looks very good!

Thank you TranSMaxX!

Amazing project!

Thank you!


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