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How can i use the transitions on Adobe Premier Pro?

  • Import your two footages and one matte transition
  • Place footage A in video 1, footage B in video 2 and Transition in video 3.
  • For the length of the transition overlap the two footages.
  • In your Effects panel go to -> Keying -> Track Matte Key
  • Apply filter to Footage B and in the MATTE Drop Down menu select “video 3”
  • Your transition is ready to render.
  • Btw you can reverse, opposite, invert, timere-map and mix them, to fit it to your needs.
  • How can i use the transitions on Adobe After Effects?

    In general they work with the track matte. This is located in your timeline panel next to modes. By default is on “None”. Play with the 4 options it gives you (alpha matte, alpha inverted etc) and you will understand how it works.

    Nonetheless, i made a tutorial to watch on youtube Here—> Tutorial

    How can i use the transitions on Final Cut?

    Place your first video on V1. Place your transition on V2, and overlap it with V1, where you want the transition to happen. Finally place your second video on V3, and overlap it with V1 and V2.

    The “composite mode” for both your first video (on V1) and the transition (on V2) needs to be “Normal”. However the “composite mode” for your second video (on V3) needs to be “Travel Matte – Alpha”.