Support for 170 Text Presets

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These are text presets or something else?

These are not text presets. Each text animation is composition, when text layers are animated.

So how these text animations works?

Each text animation is placed in one composition. In this composition you can find several text layers. All you need is to write your own texts into these text layers. In each composition you can find also the settings layer with which you can easy adjust several parameters like size, position of text animation etc.

Can I add more lines of text to certain text animation?

Each text layer is animated manually so there is no possibility to add more lines of text by standard way.

Can I change color or size of texts?

Yes, you can do it easy. Just select text layer you want and change the font, color or size. One text layer usually represents one word but isn’t the rule just recommendation. You can write anything you want into the text layer.

Can I change the duration of text animation?

Yes, each text animation has the begin and the end. End of animation you can control with the marker.

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