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Calculating your payment rates

As an author, you'll receive up to 70% of the sale price on your items

Every time an item is sold on Envato Market a percentage of the sale price goes to the author. The amount is determined by whether the author is selling the item only on Envato Market and by the total cumulative sales they have had in the past.

Non-Exclusive author


as a non-exclusive author

You can sell the items you sell with us in other places too.


Exclusive author

50 - 70%

as an exclusive author
(based on sales volume)

As an exclusive author, any items you sell on Envato Market cannot be sold elsewhere. You can still sell other items elsewhere of course. Over 80% of our authors are exclusive.

With a total cumulative sales of $37,500 your commission rate will be 60%
Your commission rate will adjust according to your earnings amount:

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