This is a great way to present your web page, web shop, or your blog! Or anything else that can be shown on screen! And it’s very easy to customize, just put your own images in placeholders and hit render. Choose from one of the 5 color presets that are included, or if you don’t like them – create your own very easily :) You can change colors of almost everything inside this project file. Change colors of room, table and monitor from a single control layer.


  • AE CS5, 1280×720 30fps, 1 minute long
  • 16 placeholders for screens
  • 6 text placeholders
  • 5 color presets included
  • Very easy color customization
  • 11 prerendered shots
  • Included 3d camera data
  • No 3rd party plug-ins
  • Detailed ilustrated pdf help included
  • Can be shorten or re-edited
  • Very fast rendering time
  • Music is not included but this great track can be bought here
  • Images from preview file are not included
  • If you buy this project, please don’t forget to rate it. Thank you for your time!