Opening of vault door contains Full HD as well as the matching Quicktime alpha video ... great for transitions!

Preview video shows (2) versions of same file- first is full frame preview, second- cropped closeup of the door.

Original TGA 300 frame sequence available upon request. Created and rendered out of 3D StudioMax

  • 1920×1080 Quicktime H.264
  • Film fps: 29.97
  • Length: 0:10 sec
  • File size: 33.9 mb
  • no Audio included

There have been a few questions on using this file in Final Cut Pro X Here are detailed instructions to get you up and running fast.

1. Make sure to import the video files both the A_VaultDoor and Vaultdoor along with the image you want in the background

2. Next right click on the A_VaultDoor and select “Open in Timeline”

3. Next right click the A_VaultDoor in the timeline and change click on “New Compound Clip”

4. Change the Blend mode to “Siloeutte Luma”

5. Drag the image or video clip to the timeline of your background image or video and place under the alpha channel video.

6. Now you can scroll the timelines and should see the image appear as the vault opens…

7. Next drag the VaultDoor above the alpha file on the timeline and then change the compositing tab for the VaultDoor to “Behind”

If you are interested in the 3D StudioMax scene file click here – Includes maps, scene setup, animation sequence ready!

You can view my other Vault Door 01 file click here

For custom camera movements or angles- please feel free to contact me to meet your specific needs.