Beautiful greetings from lovers or from your company on Valentine’s Day, or simply a declaration of love, or congratulations on the birthday, an anniversary and any other celebrations.
The project uses prerendered sequence TGA with a heart of gold.
Total 4 variants: 2 versions of your photo in the heart (Old Film Style and Color), and 2 versions with your logo in the heart (Old Film Style and Color).

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Below you can see the pictures with examples:

Logo intro projects:

RoboBoard Historic Wall Square Logo Intro Cube Logo Wind Logo Underwater logo intro Shooting Logo Logo Explode Logo Transforming Logo Creating

Text/Trailers projects:

Transformer Trailer Road Trailer Cinematic Trailer 2 Dream Scene Cosmostar Text Arrow 3D Cinematic trailer

Presentations/Video display projects:

Rain Drops Abstract Form 3D City Disco Style Web portfolio Paint Style Corporate Presentation Baby Gallery

Greeting projects:

Valentine's Day Greeting We Love You New Year Intro

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