-my amazing youtube channel http://youtu.be/Ux_FHhUKFG4 For more my work visit https://www.youtube.com/user/sandro5video

- A funny Travel map album with plane and photos.

- make your own travel route.

- contains two projects 1.needs only change images and texts. 2. you can modify route exactly as you wish, for example flight from London to Tokyo.

- No plugins required. Only the CS4 originals.

- 9 Placeholders for images or videos runtime 45 sec.

- HD ( 1280 X 720 px )

- Complete help instruction

- Images used in the project are not included, easily replace by yours.

-Thanks! you can find this great music at http://audiojungle.net/item/four-background-loops/120292

- Images are from http://imagebase.davidniblack.com/main.php

- Fonts Font family: ‘Bleeding Cowboys’, Font style: ‘Regular’ Font family: ‘Bradley Hand ITC’, Font style: ‘Regular’ Font family: ‘Geo_Arial’, Font style: ‘Regular’ Font family: ‘NowTheWeather’, Font style: ‘Regular’from dafont.com

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