The Top 5 is easy to customize. All elements including the phone are constructed within After Effects, so you can customize to your preference.* Included are 6 short tutorials that will help you quickly adapt the project to your requirements.

  • All elements, colors, fonts can be customized
  • Images are included under Creative Commons license, however the Paris, Flower, and Big Buck Bunny videos have placeholders only
  • Compatible with AE CS4 ,CS5
  • HD 1920×1080, 1280×720, 29.97sec
  • Elements are Illustrator CS4 & .png files.
  • Music is not included . You can find it Here
  • No plug-ins required. Only native effects
  • Fonts: Rockwell, Find Here
  • Fonts: Open Sans Family, Find Here
  • Fonts: Helvetica Neue Light, Find Here
  • Fonts: Helvetica Neue 77 Bold Condensed, Find Here
  • Help: Inlcuded 6 Video Tutorials and Help File

  • The phone is constructed with a combination of using multiple layers & the Shatter plugin, allowing you to manipulate it in 3d space if you choose. This technique provides a better silver edge with highlights, however the trade off is that there is no back to the phone, only front and sides.

Special thanks to the Big Buck Bunny team..Here