The Show AE template is made for announcing the parties or some TV show.

  • Full high defination: 1920×1080
  • 25fps
  • 3 video/picuture holders
  • 6 text/logo holders.

    It’s very easy to customize. Comps are premade in that way so you can easily rearrange them, collapse them, expand, duplicate and do whatever you want.

    Plugins used are: Element 3D, Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular.

    Music is not included, but you can find it here

    If you don’t have after effects or your AE doesn’t meet requirements of the project or you don’t use plugins used in project, then please contact me for customization.

    Customization will be complited in 0-3 days depending of project complexity and render time.

    I will need exactly which text, slogans, images or videos you want to have in animation. Provide me technical details for your video like a resolution, file format… In case the files are big, host server is provided with no cost.

    In customization price is not included price of videohive item. The price of customization is the same as the price of the wanted project to be customizated.

    Video is under CC licence, on by Fabio.

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