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Nice project ! :)

Thanks sfxstudio!

Thank you Wayman!

Thanks juanmita!

awesome job and cool idea

Thank you for the comment zhouxinkui718!

Thank you el-paranoik!

Thanks hgungor!

Cool work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you Max_Z!

Excellent work! Exactly what I needed for my MOD for rFactor. Now yes the championship is the way I want. I just bought, thanks Mirnov!

Haha, what a surprise! Welcome to videohive my brother! Soon i hope start my engine in future races. Thank you so much bro!

Thanks c0nfuzzle!

Cool and dynamic, have a kick!!! :)

Thanks for the comment REACTORENERGY!

very nice work!

Thank you facade!

Words cannot express the quality of his work and the promptness with which he delivered changes requested!! 5 STARS!! Thank you so very much Diego!!

Thank you so much for the words Bobby!

Everything worked great until I rendered this out…

There is heavy banding in the blurred out areas. I’m going to try switching the project to 16bits (instead of 8bits) and see if that makes much of a difference.

UPDATE: Changing bits doesn’t help. I think it’s the FAST BLUR effect that was used on a handful of layers. A box blur might have been a better choice. If I have time to fix this, I’ll update this comment.

Hi wilowave, thanks for buying “Start Your Engines”. I wanna help you to correct this. Which compressor are you using to render? Give me your parameters in a way i can rendder here in a same way, and be helpul to you. Thank you!

I´ve rendended here looking for the banding areas on blur, but it´s ok in my rendering. Try to increase your compressor bitrate, maybe it solves this problem. Anyway, I ask you tell me your all output parameters to help you. Take care my friend!

Thanks a lot Wynio! :)

Awesome job, I cant wait to play around with this.

Thank you so much Aggelosphos! I hope you enjoy it! Have fun buddy!

Awesome job! How Can I change the color of the logo glow?

Thanks akeith2002! Send me your email, and i´ll explain with screenshots how you can change it. Take care!

Hi there, how can I remove the dark vignette ?

Hello Jelmen Lombaerts, you can remove dark vignette in “1-05-All Numbers/Dashes/Background Colors” composition, turn off shy layers to see layer 1: “Filter”. Click on the eye to hide this layer. Send me your email and i can send you a screenshot, so you can visualize better. Thanks for buying this project!

ok thanks, found it

Thanks again Jelmen, have a nice day!

I purchased your video file. Thank you! This was my 1st video download ever and I am no media expert. I wish to upload to my website. What do you recommend I download to? I’m having issues. I can’t even view the download yet. My fault. Please recommend a program to download video content to. Thanks.

Hi Asher, go to: http://videohive.net/downloads , any other questions, email me. Thank you!

Really like what I see and am considering buying it, have not purchased a file like this before, Is there a particular video software editor I need to do this or is there software included in the file?

Hi larrybmw , you´ll need to download and edit in After Effects. If you prefer, i can insert your logo and send you a full HD file for a small fee. Take care! :)

please inbox me with details to larry@trafficticketguru.com thks

only problem i have with this is it looks a bit shabby if you want a double digit number on the rpm other than that its great

Hi, if you prefer, i can customize these double digit on rpm to you, kind regards!