Sport race show Trailer (Broadcast graphics)

Creative Sport race show trailer or opener, a realy nice presentation of event or show. New fresh piece of high end graphics for broadcasting. Cool, Speedy and Energetic. Perfect for Moto, Auto, Car, and any race show. With Some Tranform action in this Sports template! Can also be used as fight championship, team fights versus team. The vs can be created using two screens in both sides to represent player vs player.

  • You can add your objects to 3D space and it will realisticly move along with prerendered 3D background.
  • Colors for 3D objects and text are customisable with one click. Collor changing presents and effects ready.
  • Colors separately for background, text and flares.
  • All flares are customisable fully editable and placable in 3D space, no prerendered flares.
  • Helpful detailed PDF help file included.

Track is not included but can be purchased here for just 8$!

Color Presets:




Green (Black Preserved)

Red (Black Preserved)

Variuos (Few ON at same time)

Project can be used as Trailer or as opener/intro. Can be shortened and used as opener or used full lenght for trailer action!