Realistic Snowflakes Falling – 8 Different Videos + LOOP

This is eight 1920×1080p videos of snow falling that includes different angles, as well as different sizes of snow, different falling speeds, different size snow flakes, snow falling in different directions, actual snow flake shapes, and different depth of fields for the snow in focus. The alpha channels is really easy to use in the videos. All eight snow flake videos are 16 seconds long each making the total video time just over 2 minutes and are all loopable so you can have them play much longer than the original 16 second file. The preview video only contains 4 seconds of animation from each of the videos.
An HD preview of this video is available to watch here

Video Features:
- 1920×1080p HD videos
- Over 2 minutes animation
- Realistic snow falling
- Actual snow flake shapes
- All 8 videos are loopable
- Different snow sizes
- Different angles
- Different snow shapes
- Different amounts of snow
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