This animation/motion graphics is created for cultural event, broadcast tv show opener or promotion of a music clip or any other type of video project or blog / vlog. Contest presentation on internet / web. Music or Film festival promotion.

This type of motion graphics reflects crazy rebelling retro youth and unique teen pop or hipster style. Many themes can be seen and felt in the motion, from oldschool swing to the new age electronic funky punk. Love and compassion meets aggressive hard moves.


  • CS4 CS5
  • HD
  • Full animation can be used as it is or rendered out as bumper part for the show and promo part
  • All 3D objects are created in After Effects, so can be freely moved and turned. Also can be imported into other projects as a separate part. (Cassete, VHS, Box, Pyramid, Emerald)
  • Music is included (two tracks – with voice over and without)
  • No plug-ins required
  • No pre-renders (pure AE)
  • Helpful PDF included
  • Fast rendering (60 – 90minutes on Mid systems)
  • Easy Color changing for 3D objects
  • If you need help to customize the project write me an email via my profile page.

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