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  • nice work, i already buy, but rendering of project is really hard… I got 8 core – 4GHz with 12GB RAM and rendering more then 16hours its really hard man. I have CS6 Its normal? I use 1920×1080 25p MOV – H.264 for render out thanks anyway :)
  • Hi! Thank you for your support by purchasing my product. I have 6 core – 3.3Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 2x Geforce GTX 660Ti CUDA-active (crossfire) and took me 7hrs at 1920×1080 25p MOV – photo-JPEG. But still what you mention I think it is to far from the real rendering time. Some advices for you what to make in future:
  • AE CS6 go in Preferences-Media&Disk Cache and make sureyou select media database(for ex. your footage’s) in one of your HDD and the disk cache on a different one.
  • 2. Go in Preferences – Memory& Multiprocessing and make sure you select the checkbox “Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously. Make sure you live at least 2 CPU`s reserved for other applications. Select in you case: RAM allocation per background CPU:1GB or you can try 1.2 GB.
  • 3. Preferences – Previews – GPU Informations – and at the Ray-Tracing make sure you select – GPU (NOT CPU) if this is not available in your case and you are sure your video card support CUDA please make sure you read the following article : .
  • 4. This may improve a lot the time of your render out . If your video card doesn’t support CUDA it is time for up-grade. ;)
  • -I Hope This It Is Going To Help You! Thank You Again, VIDOSWORLD

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  • Hey, i downloaded it. It’s super super slow. Never loads anything. I went on to nvidia and download the latest GPU updates mentioned in your FAQ. Still very unresponsive to anything i do, not like the help video attached to the download. This shouldn’t be happening on a Solid state drive. Thank you!
  • Starting with Adobe Premiere CS5, Adobe added the Mercury Playback Engine (MPE). The Mercury Playback Engine can use an NVidia video card’s GPU to accelerate playback, effects and rendering.
  • However, Adobe has only “certified” a few video cards from NVIDIA. (See Note 1, About Adobe’s Certified Video Cards). According to Adobe, they only certify video cards that have gone through rigorous testing by Adobe, which takes a lot of time. With all of the different video cards using the NVidia chipset and the variations of these video cards from the various manufacturers, it’s easy to understand why Adobe doesn’t certify more video cards.
  • If you don’t have a certified card or you want to use a non-certified NVidia video card, there is a way to edit a file and add your video card to a list, so Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 will allow your video card to run with GPU Acceleration. Some people call this a mod, hacking or unlocking the video cards, whatever you choose to call it, this will not make it “certified” in the eyes of Adobe. But, you will be able to use the GPU Acceleration feature of Adobe Premiere CS6, CS5.5 and Premiere CS5.
  • There are thousand and thousands of Adobe Premiere CS6, CS5.5 and CS5 users who are using non-certified NVidia video cards without any problems.
  • In fact, I have 2 systems running non-certified video cards without any problems.