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Touch Gestures have never looked better. Stunning resolution allows you to produce crystal clear and crisp results while not limiting your ability to change speed, duration, touch point or anything else. You will love it.

Overview :

  • 16 unique touch gestures
  • 4K resolution (FullHD & HD included)
  • No extra plugins required
  • Non-baked animations
  • Drag & Drop setup
  • Customizable speed
  • Lifetime updates

It’s not just a touch or a click. Touch Gestures is a full package of remarkably sophisticated touch gestures designed to cover all your motion graphics needs. Click more. Touch more. Swipe more.

Imagine simplicity of being able to drag and drop any gesture, anywhere. We’ve spent countless hours tweaking this project to deliver uninterrupted and pleasurable experience. Complex animations will automatically adapt to your workflow, no matter if you need one gesture, or hundreds.

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