Particle Effect 7 (Elegant style and Glitch FX)

Six dynamic logo reveal ready to render. Different styles with particles. Elegant and corporate, floaty and fashion, sports and glitchy.Resolution: 1920×1080; 29,97 FPS. Video Manual included.
Quickly and easily change size and number of particles. Easy to change color. You can enable or disable the camera shaking. Change the dynamic camera
REQUIRES plug-in: Trapcode Form. If you do not have the plug-ins Optical Flares and Particular you can use a pre-render version.(included 3 PreRender versions):
PE7 (OF_Particular).aep– does not require plug-in Optical Flares and Particular.Faster Rendering
PE7 (OF).aep – does not require plug-in Optical Flares, but you can easily change the Particular effect.
PE7 (Particular).aep – does not require plug-ins Particular ,but you can easily change the Optical Flares.Faster Rendering
Music is not included in the project, but you can purchase from AudioJungle:
(Version 1) start – 00:01 sec / (Version 2) start – 00:02 sec
(Version 3 and 4) start – 03:03 sec.Music has been removed from the marketplace
(Version 5 and 6) start – 05:33 sec
To speed up the rendering I recommend enable Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously
(Edit => Preferences => Memory & Multiprocessing)
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