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I loved it! Great work!

Wow! Stunning – and loving the custom photo option. Great job!

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)

Eragum is a true professional and this is a great opening. I just used the photo version as the opening to an animation. The client (seeing a draft) basically said “wow”. I have only worked in AE two times before, and bought this template 5 weeks before to practice (successfully) and have a ready idea for a future project. The right project rolled in on a late Friday. The AE template is well organized (I was successful in my first practice).. and I prepared my pictorials and logo for use, but I panicked when the client called and wanted add on to the main animation… SO I EMAILED Eragun for assistance with the opening. Eragun helped me generate the opening with the photos… professionally, and timely..and delivered exactly as he promised. He is fully supportive.. and hope to collaborate with him in the future. High recommendations belong to this talented author.

thanks Phil for your comment :)

Hi, I really like your opener but I have a couple of questions before I buy it. I just installed After Effects CC and I am just starting to use it for the first time. I am new to using VideoHive and I just want to make sure that I clearly understand what this is.

Is this a template for After Effects that I can use to insert my own content and end up with an effect that is like the ones in your demo?

Do I need something called Trapcode to use this?

Will this work with the latest version of After Effects?


Also, am I able to insert insert my own pictures that going flying by or just my logo?

I see that the resolution says 1920×1080. I don’t really understand what this means. If it’s an After Effects template can’t I make it any resolution?

Yes, This Project can use for adobe after effects CC. If you want use picture version you need plugin(“trapcode particular”) if something is wrong, I can help you. cubes, bubbles and triangles do not need plugin


do you only need the plugin for the picture version?

Yes, only Picture version need plugin.

Definitely unique one here=) And i definitely need it;D

Thanks man! :)

Hi, I am trying to build upon the picture version. Fairly new to AE. I have the particle plug-in. I add pictures as in your tutorial. They render fine until 2.21 seconds when they vanish and all that runs are the green placeholders. Assistance is appreciated…

I understand you don’t have the plugin “Trapcode Particular” so you often changed pictures, you need to have this plugin and all is ok!

I do have Trapcode. The problem is explained above…

please render your project and send me file and i will see it

SO Cool! Curious for the photo version, (I’m new to AE but I understand the basics now) how many photos/images would go in that version, to have ready for upload?

Thanks you for interest! You need 8 photos.


i’ve purchased the project and it’s awesome, but i would like to use the Image version of the project, but i need the particular plugin ? but i don”t have it, can you help me please !!


Hi, thanks for purchase. I can help you if you send me your pictures and logos and i render it.

Just to confirm, the ONLY one of the 4 I need trapcode for is the photos one? I can add my own logo to the other 3 and render them out without any problems? I just want to make sure before I purchase :)

Sorry one more quick question before I purchase, would I have the ability to change all the shapes easily? For instance, change all the triangles to having rounded corners?

thanks for interested my project yes, you can change shapes in picture version it’s quick and simple

you need trapcode particular for change shapes

Hi there! Sorry, you responded to my 2nd comment but not my first. I will copy it again: “Just to confirm, the ONLY one of the 4 I need trapcode for is the photos one? I can add my own logo to the other 3 and render them out without any problems? I just want to make sure before I purchase :)”

:) Yes, plugin need only picture version. Other 3 versions do not need plugin


nyagera Purchased

How do you replace the logo, AE constantly keep crashing when I attempt to change the logo ? Please help urgent, I need to finish this in a couple of hours

tell me what the problem is and I’ll help you


nyagera Purchased

Thats fine , no hard feeling. I find away around it.

send me your logo and i help you 3ddust@gmail.com


ubmedia Purchased

Hello, Can the colors of the bubbles be changed to match a certain palette? Thanks!

yes, but only version with plugin

in the explorer must find forms composition and change the color to taste


ubmedia Purchased

So I will need the plugin in order to change the color of the bubbles? Sorry, still confused. thanks!


luiz84 Purchased

Hi, I am opening the Triangules pre-rend versions but the project is showing only the cubes. Any tips to find the triangules?

Hi, You need open “Openers Prerendered(triangles cubes bubbles CS5)” this file and select checkbox on CC layer (“Cubes, bubbles or triangles”). Thanks!

Hi. Is it possible to use a diferent shape other than the triangle and the cube?

Yes, you can use picture version for this but you need plugin “trapcode Particular”.


TreyL3 Purchased

Thanks, great service and awesome produce. I’ll defiantly keep you in mind next time I need something!

hi where i can find the “trapcode particular” plugin?

Hi bilaldaaou! Plugin no included. you can find it https://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-particular/ If you do not need picture version then you do not need this plugin.