Typography animation, carved in stone, with particles of dust falling when the objects are created and destroyed.

You can have as many slides as you want. Project comes with 12 slides, but you can duplicate them as you like.

You can use text, photos, video, animation, or anything you want.

If you need special customization, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Very easy to change.

This project was made in After Effects CS4 , compatible with CS5 , CS5.5, and CS6 . Full HD (1920×1080, 1080p). Can also be rendered in 1280×720 (720p) or any other resolution.

No plugins required!

Rendering time (for 50 seconds of half-HD video) is about 6 hours on 1 AMD core 2.8GHz. Project doesn’t support multicore rendering.

Assets used in the preview: After Tomorrow – awesome track composed by SferaMusic.

Fire Torch video from Paolo Bischi.

Ancient Statues and Ancient Ceramic photos from photodune.net.

Sounds are from freesound.org:

All features are documented in a .pdf file, explaining what you have to do, how to replace the logo.

Thank you all for your great work!