This is a full HD multipurpose project, using pencil sketch and stop-motion techniques to promote anything! Stylize your videos and presentations with stop-motion inspired whiteboard animation and pencil sketch type doodle / cartoon animations.

  • Multistory: 4 Different Stories (4 Animation Templates = 3 Pencil Sketch Type Doodle + 1 Stop-motion Inspired Whiteboard Animation)

  • Huge icon library (256 unique icons including major SNS icons)

    • 256 icons x 10 options (8 Paper Folded, Pencil Sketch, Marker Sketch)
    • 104 icons x 4 options (3D Animation, 3D Turn Table, Pencil Sketch 3D Animation, Pencil Sketch 3D Turn Table)
  • Pencil Sketch Type Doodle / Cartoon Animations
  • Stop-motion Inspired Whiteboard Animation
  • 8 paper texture library
  • Give your logo a pencil sketched look
  • 15 hand texture library
  • Pencil sketch Lines, Circles, Rectangles library
  • 1920×1080 Full HD resolution
  • No third-party plugins needed

  • The audio files are not included but can be downloaded here:
  • Download free font used in the preview video 01, 02, 03.