Hey, thanks for dropping by . This is my biggest sports project till date.Its another wonderful project for your all your on-air sporting action! In all it contains FOUR major sports and television related templates with 35 different sports and TV related Titles! I tried to pack in as much titles as I could. Here is a breakdown. It contains four different projects namely;

  • Multisport contains 13 titles for basketball, American football and hockey
  • Soccer contains 13 titles .i.e 3d logos, referee tags, lower thirds, scorelines, player profile, penalties, match stats,corners, yellow/red cards and many more
  • TV Titles contains 6 television ready titles ; coming up, up next, general TV titles
  • Extras 3 Titles (score lines, league table, transitions)
  • Sound is not included but you can get it here

    More images from the project are as below


    22 hockey

    threee four

    tv extra



    If there is any problem, comments, suggestions, or anything, feel free to send me a mail. I also do customizations and other sports related projects so do not hesitate to contact me.