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Dear Sukraa, Very nice project! Can i send you our photo/video and the logo, then you make the video for me? For i am not familiar with AE. Thanks

Sorry for the delay…Sure i will assist you.Send mail through my profile page.

Excellent project! Wish you more projects like this one!!!

Thank you

Amassing idea!

Thank you

hello, what happened to the sound effect at the end?

I have provided the audio links in the project description.

I did but it’s only the music…where is the sound effect at the end when the logo moves forward?

Pls chk the project description.

Hi, i like this intro very much. Is it difficult to customize this? Because i have no experience with this program. Thanks.

There is a PDF help file with this project to guide you. Also this project requires 3rd party plugin Tropcode Foam, Do you have that?

Hello! Don’t have TRAPCODE FORM plugin, need help thanks

Dear Sukraa, Thank you for this excellent project! I have one issue. There is always one image (image placeholder) that’s not replaced in my composition “Scene2”. In my case image placeholder 16! If I look at the 20 “edit image” compositions view, they are actually created. What could be the problem? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Rens

Sorry for the delay…Kindly send mail through my profile page.

very beautiful work!

Thank u dear.

Very Nice Work !!!

Thank u dear.

Trying to duplicate to add 10 more pictures in the logo/picture project but it does not rename 21,22,23 etc….. which creates a mirror issue. The text version works perfectly per your PDF instructions but the logo/picture project does not. What am I doing wrong?

Figured it out thanks to a user comment. The question was asked a couple times but you requested email on each instance. It would have saved me time if you would answer in the comment section instead of communicated privately. Anyways, all is well. Thank you for the great template.

I just read my previous comment and it sounds a bit rude. rough morning. My apologies…... I have logos and pictures that I am using. I like the frames on the pictures but not the logos. Is there any way to use frames on some images and not others?

I am very sorry dear friend…I am busy with lot of outside projects. Yes you can use as per your wish.Just go to Image placeholder composition and select layer 1, Frame.png layer and Delete it. In the project window,Open Edit_Image/Photo Folder, And find Frame.png file in the folder. Now you can drag and drop this Frame file in your desired Edit_Image composition.

Hi Sukraa, Very nice Plugin… I’m new to AE and Premiere Pro. I bought your template to try it out. It seems to be very very slow on my mac. And when I import to Premiere Pro it is also slow and sometimes comes up as pending media. NOW I don’t have the full version of Trapcode Form, just the Trial version. Is this the reason why its not working correctly? If so I’ll get the plugin, BUT if its not – the plugin would be a waste for me.

What do you think?

Actually It’s not slow…. may be becaz of your work style.

Hi guys, we just purchased this but im getting the Place Holder 04 bug even though i have deleted all of the slides. Do you have a fix for this?

Just delete all of my placeholder images in the project window( you can find in Edit_Image/Photo folder )...Then drag and drop your images in each Edit_Image composition. This will solve your problem.

I have purchased this template and it is amazing! I have one question would I be able to change the size of this to say fit instagram (640×640 @ 15sec)? What would I have to?

Sure you can…. Go to each Edit_Image composition..,Just change composition size by click ‘Ctrl’ K. Do the change for each Edit_Image composition and set your desired size…

Dear SUKRAA. In project “Multi Video Logo Formation” is not displayed correctly “Place Holder_18.jpg” ... Instead downloadable images is the original image with the inscription “Place Holder 18 / Replace this layer with Your image / video”. Do not tell me how to solve the problem? In any case, thank you.

Just delete all of my placeholder images in the project window( you can find in Edit_Image/Photo folder )...Then drag and drop your images in each Edit_Image composition. This will solve your problem.

Very nice work!

Thanks dear


santinr Purchased

Hi! I did everything as the pdf help file says, but I can’t give motion to it. it just change the images of scene 1 and 2, but without motion. How can I make them move like the original video of the project. Thanks.

Dear friend, Do you have Trapcode foam plugin?

Hello very nice movie. Could you help me with a version in CC(2015)?

This file will work in all versions.

Hi, Im getting the 04 Bug on my mac. Just bought trapcode. I have deleted all placeholders as suggested and replaced with my images – but still not working.

Please send me a mail.

Hi, It worked in the final render though Premiere. The placeholder was changed successfully.

Having a HORRIBLE time with this project!!!! Placeholder 4 keeps showing up and there seems to be no way to get rid of it, even with trapcode 2.1 and after deleting all placeholders as the author suggests. NO GOOD. I’m under a tight deadline and this is really ruining a client project!!! Have sent an email but am not expecting a quick reply. Too bad, because it looks like a great template but it seems like many are having this issue. The author needs to be more diligent with customer service.

I understand your problem… my apology for the same Out of thousands of sales, I met only few who has raised this complaint…The project doesn’t has any problem… It’s only the way its been handled creates the problem… , once you had changed the placeholder, there seems to be no logic of it appearing again. So,whoever faces this placeholder problem.., I advised simply to delete my dummy placeholders from project window to avoid these issues. This project has been customized for 100s of my clients I had not faced this problem at all. Sometime it’s because of After effects BUG. Please read the Help file to change the placeholder. It’s very simple project. Thanks