Hello! This is a Revealer for money making services or products! Turn any word or Logo into profit cash credits as in slot machines!

  • Trapcode Particular plugin is required. (With out the plugin, the project will not work)
  • US Dollars $ or Euros € easy selection
  • Option for inserting your own money currency! (coin & banknote)
  • Select the reveal direction (Left to right / Right to left / Top to bottom / Bottom to top)
  • FullHD resolution 1080 - CS4 & above compatible
  • Short written pdf help file & complete Video tutorial included
  • “One click” choice options through effects panel
  • Cycore fx that are included in After Effects must be installed
  • Sound effect of coins is included
  • Awesome audio sting by plastic3 is not included. Track: Reverse Opening Logo 25

  • Feel free to contact me through my profile page for questions & help.- Steve314

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