Proudly presenting you my new handcut project for special events with real made objects with peaces of paper. Painted, modeled, and then cutted, scanned. True Santa Claus, Snowman, Fir trees, and more. Get the whole story used with your footage for opener, music video, viral and more and more. Works with all versions from CS3 (CS4, CS5 , CS5.5, CS6 …).

Main features:

  • Static cam or multicam mode
  • Minimal keyframes
  • Well organized, named and grouped layers
  • 19 placeholders or lot of+ with multicam mode with reference xls file
  • 2:50 min duration
  • Includes 3D models with fir trees in library as alternative
  • renders full hd with motion blur in 4:40 hours
  • includes file with Beat vs Timecode reference as everything is synced at 110 BPM

Font used Decibel you can get here: Decibel free font Music file is not included but you can get it here:

you can see alternative 1 camera (static) version with alternative “Santa is coming” version preview here:

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for the future updates & more interesting works! Yours @Spotmouse