Aka Revenge of The Witch. Easy to Edit Opening titles just change your text and hit render.

The Sorcerer in Cloak is shot in front of a green screen. It was chroma keyed and added later as seperate layers in this project. So you can take it out of the shots easily just by turning off the layer of the Sorcerer so as the fairies.

There are total of 8 stock footages and Witch footages with their mattes rendered out as seperate passes so you can use them up how ever you like.

There are Day and Night Versions of the titles and still you can change the color tone of the night version very easily.

No extra plugins are used and help file is included.

The fairies are also added later on so you can change the color of them easily.

You can also have your own footage color corrected if you replace it with the footage inside the comp.

No extra plugins are used everything is prerendered.

the freefont used inside the Project is called “Ringbearer” and can be downloaded from below.


The magical music used inside the preview is not included but can be downloaded from the link below.


The Fairies’ wings used are also taken from the Artist “Thy-Darkest-Hour” in Deviant Art and can be found from the link below.


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask and hope you enjoy this project.