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Introducing our new project Light Corporate Displays
This is the New Original Corporate Creation by the Sfxstudio , Elegant this corporate Carousel animationis perfect for all your projects and presentations, for Videos clips or photos, Graphic art and many others uses possibles (slideshows, videos presentations, commercial or people presentation, portfolio, orbusiness team introducing, Show or team introducing, retrospectives etc …)
HD 1920×1080 and 1280×720 available in 25 fps and 29.97 fps
No plugins required, Available for CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC

Full Customizable The composition is divided into several parts to facilitates adjustment of time and the transitions between parts (all parts are extendable and you can adjust the number of part and change their order of appearance)


Included :
- 15 Placeholders
- 15 Textholders
- 1 Description Panel with titleholder,Textholder and placeholder
- 7 Titleholders
- 7 SubTitleholders
- 2 Logo holders
- Adjust color
(with internationalized scripts)
- a help file PDF Included
ALL for more customization and flexibility !

If you are not familiar with Ae or if you simply do not have it, I can do the job for you (Contact me if you need and to know conditions)
EnvatoStudio Customisation Service now avalaible Here

Soundtarck Music “Mellow Flageolet” by Sneshok not included, but you can find :Here Fonts Font “New Athena Unicode”not included, but you can find : Here Photos Photos by Pressmaster not included, but you can find : Here 1 Here 2 Here 3 Here 4 Here 5 Here 6 Here 7 Here 8 Here 9 Here 10 Here 11 Videos Footage by Pressmaster not included, but you can find : Here 1 Here 2 Here 3 Here 4 Here 5 Preview-Images LightCorporateDisplays-Preview_Images Adjust-Colors LightCorporateDisplays-AdjustColors More-Items