Adrenaline fueled, thrilling credit / title / typography / videogame / trailer sequence. Genre; Videogame, punk rock, horror, thriller, sport, grunge and action. Night driving cars race dangerously, one losing control, exploding in a fireball revealing text with impact. Speed on a spooky road. Full of energy, drama and excitement. A dark duel ending in flames and victory.

Inspired by “Lost Highway” by David Lynch, Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” and William Friedkin’s”The French Connection”.

Comes with;

- Three minute tutorial / walkthrough of the project

- Links to the fantastic and thrilling track “Broken Arrow”

- Links to the FREE for commercial use font.

Burn some rubber! Also see my similarly themed tachometer motion graphic below;

Dynamic Racing motor speedometer


Circles in the Sea Disk-O-Tech Project Last Highway Garden Maze Project Mystery Horizon Project

Motion Graphics

Hd Paint Splat Hd Paint Splat 2 Hd Paint Splat 1 Hd Paint Splat 2 Dynamic Racing motor speedometer Graphic Equaliser - Motion Background/Element HD Growing Vine ASSET PACK HD Electro Lines HD

Lower Thirds

4 Paint Stroke Elements Pop up Balloon Lower Third - HD with Alpha Livewire Lower Thirds News Ticker