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Which music is used in Dummy Audio.mp3? We need to purchase it but we cannot find a link.

Hello , Thank You For Purchasing !
All Links Are In “Font And Audio Links” Folder
The Audio Used For Preview Is
Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly By Timmcmorris
Regards Billaras

This is not the song that is in the Essential Assets folder. It is a dubstep song… Please give us the correct title of the song.

Can You Please Send Me An Email ?
The Personal Email Box Is Located , In The Bottom Right Of My Profile Page

I have a simple question. I need the layer names to change when I change the text in the “social” scenes. Facebook layer names change automatically when I change the text but when I change the text in the Vimeo scene, I cannot get the layer names to change too. Thank you!

Hello Sir Thank You For Purchasing !
This Will Not Affect The Reuslt Of The Final Video ;) To Change “Layer Names ” Select The Layer And Hit “Enter(Win Os) / Return (Mac Os) And Change It To The Desired Name
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Thank you. Enjoying your work!

You Are Welcome Sir :)

can i have video and its titles in all the blocks ?

Yes Sir Everything You See In Preview is included ! :)
Ps. Footage Used In The Preview Is Linked In Description
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Roughly how long would it take to pair this with a 1 minute voice over, like a clip from a speech?


Hello ,
Its Pretty Easy And Fast , If You Are Fimiliar With AE Basics ( By Offseting Scene Comps Form The Library In Modular Structure ) I Think You Can Find Parts That Fit Your Voiceover Thank You For Your Interest
Regards Billaras

I’m glad it’s easy, but I’m thinking of time. Would it be closer to 30 mins or 5 hours?

For Example You Can Download The Video preview see if any scenes matches your Audio(by simply montage it as usual over your audio ) If You Find What You need , You Can Be Confident That This Will Take You About 1 – 2 Hours (Always Depends On AE Skills , Offseting Scenes In Your Desired Order And Changing The Text ,Tutorial Included) If You Dont Find Any Fits, Again You Can Do this But It Will Take More Time To Adjust Timing And Sync,
So Please Before Ordering Make Sure That This Item Meets Your Needs ;)
Regards Billaras

Nice job!!!

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Very nice ;)

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Perfect project!

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Looks fine :)

Fonts included? Is it possible to use Cyrillic chars in your fonts?

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Thank You For The interest Sir ,
Yes irect Download Links To Fonts Included , Also You Can Use Any Font You Like For Creating Unique Typography
Regards Billaras

Hi! There is something wrong with the shadow effect on 3D. It doesn’t look right and I can’t change its parameters. Could you help me?

You Can Contact Me Via Emial So I Can Help You Either By Screenshare Or Skype .

Hi again! It works if I start a new project. I got to start again :_( Thanks so much Billaras!

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Nice Work :)

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That’s nice! I just wanna ask if I can use different languages as well?

Hi, Yes you can use any language you want ! Thank you for your interest.


wyx Purchased

I purchased this product yesterday, and I am so happy I did. The hard work and effort into creating the beautiful templates is astounding. Billaras is very quick to respond to emails and is so helpful and kind! Thank you so much! :)

Thank You Very Much For Your Kind Feedback !
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Purchased. There are 4 versions – CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. which version do I use with CC?

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Any Of The 4 Versions Will Work,I Recomend Cs6 :)
Regards Billaras

How can I slow down the scenes, exactly? It’s difficult to get the voice over in on time because it’s so fast. I have to finish this today so PLEASE HELP! :)

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Here Is A Way To Do It ! Video Response
Hope This Helps, Billaras

How can I get version 8 of this pack? The one I have downloaded says version 4. I didn’t receive any email that there was an update to version 8. Thanks for any reply.

Yes Sir , You Can Re-Download For Free !
You Will Get All The Updates :)
Thank You For Purchasing !

Thank you!

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