Drag & Drop compositions for quick work! You don’t need to use keyframes! Everything (size, style, color) can be set with one click from character panel. With these 6 compositions you can easily create your unique animations. You can mix them, and add new ones to them up to 36 or more! This multiple typography set is good for: extended your other project, single kinetic typography openers, transitions, webstore or flat mobile app promotion.

- 20 unique text animation (6 composition)
- 1 click setup (font style, size, color)
- Quick edit with drag & drop compositions
- Full HD 1080p (1920×1080px)
- Compatible: CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
- PDF tutorial

Credits: Music by Silver Hoof:
And free fonts:,98883,rocko-ultra-flf-bold.html &

Did you hear about Quick Business Family?

Quick business family is kinetic typography brand. Each project has the same style scenes, so you can combine them with ease. Best chioce for text-based animations, stand-alone project, or to refresh exisiting project.

The most popular memeber of the family. Becasue of its clean and simple stlye, it can be adopted to any kind of project. The minimalist style matches the latest trends. The dynanamic shape animations makes the message unique and eye-catching for the visitors. Click here to watch video

Like the first member of the family, this is also a minimalist, clean design, but it includes more special animations. Would be a perfect choice for sport events, ads, app promotion or an extension of the previous series. Click here to watch video

If you need more scenes, you best buy this extension pack with more than 10 unique scenes. The extension pack can be used for new stand-alone projects. Click here to watch video

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