The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate our freedom in America and to also remember those who have fought for freedom. This is a reflective animation honoring our fore fathers, soldiers who have been to war, and celebrating our country. This is a text and picture driven animation. A Custom Made american flag waves gently as photos appear with lines of text that move with the flag. Light Particles float around the flag. Included is a 22 placeholder photo slideshow for you to add your own photos or videos. Also included is the Nation Anthem lyrics over the american flag. A 1:52 second loop of the american flag is also included. The images included in the animation are Royalty-Free, Public Domain images from the Library of Congress (

Here is what is included: Features

  • 1:52 sec. Text and Picture Animation (text and pictures editable)
  • 4 Hi-Res Royalty-free (public domain) images
  • Picture Slideshow (2:30 & 22 placeholders and captions)
  • 1:52 second loop of the American Flag waving slowly
  • Star-Spangled Banner
  • No Plugins Required
  • Free Font Download Instructions
  • A Detailed Video Tutorial
  • Fast Render Times

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