• Realisticly looking smoke.
  • 2 smoke video footages included: smooth and sharp (both in lossless quality).
  • Easy to use: every feature is controlled from the main composition by a single slider (everything is configurable from the same place).
  • Camera shake could be added with just 1 slider.
  • Trail emitters shake could be added with a single slider, too.
  • 3D text with configurable depth.
  • 8 universal placeholders (each of which can hold 3D text, video, images or any combination of it).
  • 5 additional textholders.
  • Project is ready-to-render at true 32-bit colorspace (HDR).
  • 2 versions of the project included: Pre-Rendered (which needs no extra plugins) and Full. Plugins required for full version: Particular 2 and Optical Flares.
  • Full version is compatible with AE7AE CS3;
    Pre-Rendered version — with AE CS3 and newer (up to CS6).
  • Exclusively for VideoHive.
  • Designed to fit almost any soundtrack. (video preview demonstrates that)
  • Font is used for preview purposes only (you can get it here: http://www.dafont.com/sui-generis.font).
  • Music is used for preview purposes only. The following tracks are used in the preview:

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