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I thought the price should be $15? why $20? it clearly stated on the promo picture $15

i dont know about that friend.. only envato guyz can handle it…

it is ok. i’ll buy it since your work is awesome!

:):) thank you buddy :)

Quick question. Is the project organized to allow more videos (new heading included, like Video 6, 7, etc) to be added easily? I need a 6 and a 7 videos version project. Is this something you can easily customize?

Thanks, Dorian

Small problem here… the dot between figures has become a ; see what i mean https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54441515/dot_problem.jpg

i have a french windows but using an english AE…

ok. Solved. I just had to switch to 25 i/s and the ; became : again…

he hee..cool bro :)

I just purchased this project (Love the look of it) and to my dismay when I open the file in AE CC it claims I am missing files. It looks nothing like the video tutorial and I have no idea where to begin because as I said it seems to be missing files.

is this compatible with AE CC?

Nice work,

I purchased it and used it there :


Thank you !

i cant see it :(

Can we change the colors? Also, can we increase time per slide?

Yes :) find the transition layer and move it back and forward to change the time.. but changing the color is bit difficult :(

Hi, I want to add ,more time to the placeholder video, how I do?


raxiq Purchased

Hi. What about sound effects? It looks like they are missing.

its in the folder friend..just drag and drop to your time line. :)

What is the maximum amount of placeholders we can add? Can the duration of each video slide be customized?

you can.,. but then the sound effects will not mach..