Halftone Dots is my latest After Effects tool. It works like a preset to give you a totally authentic newspaper or magazine look for your footage or just a cool graphical look. What’s more it’s totally adjustable and works with moving images or stills.

Halftone Dots is a fully procedural effect. That means it uses no prerenders and no third party plug-ins. It’s pure After Effects. Just drop in your still or moving imagery and adjust the sliders to control the look, then render. It couldn’t be easier!


  • Black and White or Color version
  • 1920×1080 and 1280×720 version
  • Use video or stills
  • Duration of 2000 frames (67 seconds) – longer clips can be dealt with in two passes
  • 29.97 fps (also export at other framerates)
  • html user guide (preview here.)
  • 20 minute video user guide (preview here.)
  • Universal: works in all language versions of After Effects.
  • Compatible with all After Effects versions CS4 and above.

High resolution preview on Vimeo here.

Note: This project requires a full install of After Effects. It won’t work with the 30 day demo version.