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Truly Epic Man! This is stuck on stupid good bro! Are you able to add some crazy colorful nebula’s and galaxy’s to this. Also I want to use this with a few other files here in the Hive and play with something really fun and galactically whacked:)

How will turn out in HD? The preview on here is not so good. You should do a super high res render and put it up on Vimeo Pro and put the Super HD version able to view here on this page.

I will definitely pick this up soon. Brilliant!

Thanks. Unfortunately the preview is very blurry, but you can check some full resolution stills in here: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/3udj5zar5akgp/GalacticTour2_still

Hello. Opening the project this two message appears:

After Effects Warning: No active camera at time -270000 Expression Disabled. Error occured at line 1. Comp:’Interstellar Wandering’ Layer:30(‘Galactic Plane Preview’) Property: ‘Opacity’

After Effects Warning: No active camera at time -270900 Expression Disabled. Error occured at line 1. Comp:’Interstellar Wandering’ Layer:23(‘Cam Path Display’) Property: ‘Opacity’

The projet is unusable. Can I fix it in some way? At the moment I have just a nice quicktime movie!!! Not what I payed for.


Sorry, but this is not a diagnosis without any other informations… If you have a problem please write me through my profile page. This is an insignificant error – After Effects try to generate a preview image for the project panel far outside from the timeline. There are no active camera or anything visible at -270000th frame of course.

The camera still work properly between the first and the last frame of the timeline – so the ‘unusable’ is exaggeration… Just turn on the disabled expressions.

Hello, I don’t understand when I bought it, but the background with all stars galaxy … is “just” a 4K H264 video. All files to create this “prerendered footage” are not include :(

It impossible to change the trajectory of the camera!

unusable for me…

(sry for my bad english)


Unfortunately the original scene is very complex and cannot be simplified to that level which meet the requirements of marketability. So this “expandable prerender” method is the only way.

If you need an other trajectory please write me through my profile page.

Really great job. Music perfectly matched with the video. Good luck!


Thank you.

hello, very good project .. my question is whether it is possible that the text will be in 3d … is it possible? thanks!


The sample text is a 3D layer by default, but you can use any other solution.

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;) You can also use my composition with a watermark in your projects. I would be very happy. Thanks for your work and good luck!

I’m with AleXXiboy – I thought this would be an After Effects project where I would be able to manipulate all of the elements, including camera trajectory, star fields, nebulas, etc. Instead it’s just a pre-rendered movie with some added layers – completely useless to me. The description should make this much more clear. $20 wasted!


This information is emphatic on the support tab: http://videohive.net/item/galactic-tour-ii/5819079/faqs/18885 But you can contact me anytime through my profile page if anything is not clear enough or if you have further questions.

Hooooooooly sheeeeet!!! GREAT!

Shit, its just a video file. I wasted my money. Please return my money. Its no use for me. i am bloody upset. This is first time that i bought a project and is against the descriptions. Why you did not mention that its only a video file? If you do not return my money, I will be really very angry.


I am truely sorry that the project didn’t meet your expectations but regarding your refound request you should contact VideoHive trough their appropriate forum.

This project should be in STOCK FOOTAGE section and not in After Effects section. This is wrong and stealing of our money.

I tried contact you a week ago through your profile for custom work but no response… hoping you’ll respond here! :)


Sorry, I was overloaded. Thank you for your inquiry, I will respond to your message.


Thank you. I am awaiting your reply. Hope you have time for freelance work. If you dont find my mail message, I can resend :)


Hey! No response yet. Are you not available for freelance?

Wow! Great job. Just enjoy your work!


Thank you

Hi GlowingBulbs,

I’m interested in buying the Galactic Tour project file from VideoHive.

But first, I’m hoping you can help me with something. I own After Effects CS5 (Not 5.5). I’m wondering if you can provide me with a CS5 version. I know that AE 5.5 allows you to save the project for use with older versions. Here’s a link regarding this topic: http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2011/04/save-project-from-after-effects-cs5-5-for-after-effects-cs5.html

I don’t know if VideoHive will allow me to post a link here. So hopefully you can see what I mean. Please let me know if you’re able to provide me with CS5 version and I will buy this immediately. IT SERIOUSLY ROCKS. SIMPLY AMAZING. Thanks!


Hi, thank you for your interest. I can send you a CS5 copy of the project. Please write me through my profile page after the purchasing. Please read the FAQ before you buy it: http://videohive.net/item/galactic-tour-ii/5819079/support

like it and purchased

abramtz Purchased

I purchase your project, and i cant use it.

After Effects warning: No active camera at time -270000. Expression diabled.

Error ocurred at Line 1. Comp “Interstellar Wandering” Layer. 30 (“Galactic Preview”) Property: “Opacity”.

Is Useless.

Can u send me a project fixed? or Where I get my money back?


Thank you for your purchase. You should read the FAQ as it has a simple solution to your problem. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at any time and we will get back to you in a couple of hours.

billebel Purchased

I understand that I should have read the FAQ page before purchasing, but it seems like there should be a pretty clear statement in the description that the main composition in this project is a quicktime movie and not an editable composition like I thought (and many others like me it looks like). This is almost worthless to me now.