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Amazing project!

I like the animations and the effects that you have used! :)

Wonderful, thanks :)

Excellent job!

that’s a cool one!)

Very nice work!

Loving it!

Good work bro!

Cool work mate, well done! :)
Best wishes!

You listed the music wasn’t included, but I thought the sound effect would be there since you didn’t mention it. Any chance you can provide that?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You are right, the sound effects are not included in the project. I used two different kind of sounds effects in the animation: Glitchy Pump Ident – vibecode Cyber Tech Logo – vibecode I apologize for this and update the description for this project!

Very nice work!

This is really great! Well done man

Thanks man!

Hi, I purchased all of the sound fx and was curious if you have an AE project with all of the audio samples already timed and placed? I could do it myself… but just trying to cut down on time.



Did you figure out how the audio samples were timed? I’m very sorry for the late reply, i haven’t been active lately. If you still need help, i will gladly assist you.

Hi, No, I’m still working on it…. do you have a screen shot you could send me or time marker settings? :)